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Arol S. Knutson

August 12, 1923 - April 12, 2018


Jane Glover

Spearfish, South Dakota

Dear Joyce & Family: My sincere sympathies to you all. I will miss Bud around the Dorsett home I’m thankful for getting to meet him and Joyce. God bless you all and R.I.P Buddy I love you!! Jane Glover Dorsett Home Cook.

Stacy Kusler

Tacoma, WA

Dear Grandma Joyce and family, My condolences and love to you all. One thing I know is that my grandfather Bud lived life the way he wanted. He lived it full of love, laughter, music, and kindness. To me he walked on water just like the Randy Travis song, and his hat was an old halo. I loved him so much, I was so proud to be his granddaughter. I thank God that he was the greatest male role model in my life and I got to have him on this earth for this long. My heart is full of great memories, and that to me is worth GOLD. Over the years I would often hear "I just adore your grandpa", "I wish he was my grandpa", "How are your grandparents doing?" "Can I adopt your grandparents as my own?" "Your grandpa is so generous and kind." It was endearing to me to hear those comments of his character, and I didn't mind sharing my Grandpa with everyone. If he knew you, he loved you! He was your instant friend, your Buddy. As George Strait says, "Oh the last goodbye's the hardest one to say, this is where the cowboy rides away." I'll miss you grandpa, may you rest in peace in Heaven with the angels. Love, Stacy

Bonnie and Willy Ford


I called him DAD💕 He was so much more than that to me, the first man I ever loved. He taught me kindness, patience,generosity, and love of family. He was my teacher , philosopher, and HERO for all he endured. One of my first memories of him playing a game with me and smacking my toes as I would run by and I would laugh. He helped to mold who my children (Stacy& Lonnie) are today and for that I am grateful. They just adored him and still do and so do I. A friend to all, he would give his last dollar or a shirt out of his car( he always had extra) “for whoever needs it “ he would say. He always had a cup of coffee in hand “ saying too much coffee is not good for you “ Funny. A terrific sense of humor too! He once told my husband Willy “these are the best of times” He grew up during the depression and had some very difficult times surviving. He told me a lot of stories when we lived in Reeder ND. I was just fascinated listening to him. A George Strait cap I bought for him had a saying inside it, it said every cap tells a story. This is true, Dad had a lot of caps/hats😊I’ll never forget his slightly tipped hat or cap, a toothpick in the corner of his mouth, a slight smile and always a sparkle in those blue eyes. He never needed much to make him happy-food on the table-a roof over his head and a car that was ready for an adventure. He loved to go on the road again with mom. ❤️ He loved his riding lawn mower that Don (Stacy’s husband)gave to him. To him, I think it was his mini tractor. Farming was always in his blood. Great grandchildren made him laugh and smile😊CJ,Katie,Tyler. He loved to grab a picnic lunch and go fishing. He had to endure a lot in his life, both financially and physically. Mom (Joyce) and music helped him through the tough times. I would play him music on my phone. He said “play Waylon” soon I would see his toes and fingers tapping and then that smile made me smile too. I’m gonna miss our weekly phone conversations “hi dad” , “love you dad” 😢R.I.P. See you again someday 💔love you Mom,Redgee,Ava,Faye,Lance,Monty 💔from Bonnie

Gillian Damjanovich


Dear Joyce and family, All who knew Uncle Bud were blessed. I will remember him as loving, kind, fun, and a truly beautiful soul. I always enjoyed when Bud and Joyce would visit and we'd play music. I kept you all in my prayers. My love to you.

Scott Hanson

Martinez CA

A most heartfelt sympathy to the family. Uncle Bud will be missed I was very fortunate in the later years when they were living in Reeder, my visit with him and Joyce were always the highpoint of my trip. I especially enjoyed the road trips to the farm in South Dakota . The stories about farm life, his parents, uncles, how to stop pasture grass thieves (kinda a inside joke for cattle people, but effective and funny), the WW2 Army physical adventure, ect never lasted long enough. He was one of the kindest, gentle and pleasant man I ever met.