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Dino James DiGiacomo

January 20, 1947 - September 23, 2018


Ron and Renee Mascitelli

Northridge , California

AN EPITAPH FOR DINO JAMES DiGIACOMO Of all of the many things that we will miss on Dino’s passing, perhaps the most irreplaceable is his passion for life, and his ability to share that passion through friendship. Being a friend to Dino is to be swept up in his energy, his compassion, his opinions, and his quirks as well. His personality was so warm, so all-encompassing, that once you were exposed to it, becoming his friend was a foregone conclusion. You just couldn’t help yourself. Being Dino’s friend was never boring; you were regaled with stories from boxing lore, educated in the true history of the old West, drawn into caring about every living thing, and surprised daily by his ability to laugh or cry about almost anything. It was the extremes of his personality that defined him: a tough ex-fighter who would melt at the sight of a kitten in distress, a disabled person who refused to be disabled, a man for whom food was a delight, and always made better with a mound of Romano cheese on top. We will miss all of it: the passion, the laughter, the love, as will the many others who had the great fortune to call Dino their friend.

Frank and Leslie Perry

Buford, GA

We had many fun times together with Dino, creating special memories. Frank has been friends with Dino since high school in East Detroit. May he rest in peace. We shall miss him. Condolences to Delores, a sweeter lady he could not find - a saint in South Dakota. Frank and Leslie Perry

Catherine Ratliff

Sioux Falls, SD

Dearest Dino. A darling man. Like no other. As close to a legend as any living person I know. He will be missed so much but the stories will live on. Dance with the tigers, Dino!